Feb 1 — Coava Honduras…

Benjamin Miranda @home on V60….

[AHH, one of the benefits of my day job, I can stay in YHZ (for way too long) and still find amazing coffees show up on my desk !  Speaking of which, I can’t believe it’s FEB already, but it couldn’t come quick enough, although we may get our first monster storm tomorrow.]

Although over a month off roast, this coffee is still VERY NICE… sweet, fruity, flowery but touch of astringency (not adverse)… Would love to have tried this particular coffee 2-3 weeks ago.

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I can’t wait to finally get to Coava some day.  Coava seems to rock these days!  First all the hype about the Coava Kone and Disk.  (Now available in Canada through Elysian coffee and Phil&Sebastian).  Then, the other day Coava cleaned up in Tacoma at NWRBC 2011, winning BOTH the Barista and Brewer’s Cup competition against some pretty tough competition in PacNW.

Northwest Regional Barista Competition:

1st place: Sam Purvis, Coava Coffee, Portland, Oregon

2nd place: Ryan Willbur, Stumptown Coffee, Portland, Oregon

3rd place: Laila Ghambari, Stumptown Coffee, Seattle, Washington

Northwest Brewers Cup Competition:

1st place: Devin Chapman, Coava Coffee, Portland, Oregon

2nd place: Mark Pfaff, Victrola Coffee, Seattle, Washington

3rd place: Will Frith, Batdorf & Bronson, Olympia, Washington

Meanwhile, I am finally going to buy myself a Aeropress and Disk and see what all the fuss IS ?


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