Ultimate travel coffee set-up…

Having been traveling a lot lately, I know it isn’t always easy or cheap to get third-wave level espresso in middle America…  Thankfully, there are a lot of internet resources (forums/blogs/espresso maps) to help find third-wave coffee shops world wide.  But, after researching coffeeshops on the internet, it can often mean lots of money for cabs or subway passes, only to find so-so coffee in the end…   In fact, I will be in Tdot for Thanksgiving staying in suburbia (I HATE suburbia –but I agreed to it to keep the family together!) and I will have to decide:  DO I take the subway downtown to get some decent espresso, settle for Starbucks or Coke Zero to circumvent morning headache and lack of alertness; or pack the ultimate coffee travel kit.

What should that kit include ?  Mypressi ? (can’t fly with NO2 cartridges though!!!); Hario Skerton grinder ?; Japanese Porlex ceramic burr handgrinder; scale ?; quality beans of course!; V60 ?; filters; Clever dripper ?; Aeropress; French Press; timer; kettle; temperature probe?; MoJo ToGo etc etc…  I know cr8nA4 has his trusty travel kit always ready to avoid those Tim Horton’s in Moncton or Fredericton, NB.  And what trouble will TSA give you in security with all of this paraphernalia ??  Might end up again in the body scanner!  I remember how much interest my coffee siphon generated when I was taking it home from YUL after I bought one at Myriade…

Here are what some other people are packing on the road (talk about obsessed coffeesnobs!):




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