Aug 24 — Stumptown Kenya Ngunguru

Siphoned @ home.

speaking of syphon:

check out this beautiful video:


3 thoughts on “Aug 24 — Stumptown Kenya Ngunguru

  1. Hey man, i am in Vienna for 3 days. Where does the YHZ esresso snop recommend I go for coffee!?

  2. What does this have to with SYPHON !!!

    As for Vienna, don’t expect miracles, LOL.

    I don’t know if you’re going to find third wave espresso shop. I have researched it and you could check out Mocca CLub;

    Linke Wienzeile 4
    1060 Wien, Österreich

    Run by Johanna Wechselberger

    email her ahead of your visit to arrange and/or make sure it is still open.

  3. Hey Mark, my Name is Robert, working in Vienna as a Barista at ODC, Orlando di Castello, would love to serve you a nice cup of coffee, have a look

    Enjoy your stay


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