Take the poll: Espresso vs. brewed…

George (crema, vancouver) posted this great poll on his website cleanhotdry.com, as to which type of coffee do you prefer:

espresso & espresso-based drinks VS. brewed coffee (vacpot, pour-over (including Clever or Abid), presspot, eva solo, Clover etc.)


Now, why does this always seem to come up in the month of January… Seems just last January, this debate was going on and I wrote about it back then…


Ironic, as just today I was remarking to someone how amazed I was to see so many people ordering straight espresso’s or espresso-based drinks at the newish Two If By Sea, whereas at Steve-o-reno’s it always seemed that drip was KING.  For me, it’s a no-brainer.  I started with spro and despite an amazing year of discovery in 2008-9 about brewed coffee, I will still always be swayed towards espresso.  Especially, until the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange thing is worked out, as I SO MISS MY BELOYA & ARICHA.  Two great reasons to vote for brewed…

Easy decision you say ?   OK, Vote and then be surprised to see how some others voted…


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