BORED: Picked up on Twitter…

Another cycling COMEBACK.   Here is an inspirational story of a 30 year ex-racer, who decided to return to pro-cycling with Cervelo Test Time after his second career in publishing/dining had his body weight balloon over 200lbs:

OK, I am not even going to wait for NYE… I promise I will resist TIBS croissants the next few months and dust off my Trek and put it back on it’s winter trainer, to get back to my ‘climbing weight’ under 155lbs.

Unlike Sufjan Stevens, who seems to have bogged down after two states, Rapha Continental has now covered 50 states across the US.  After watching the slide show of the last installment of Lincoln NE, the amazing photos make me want to take off a year of work to ride across this beautiful country.  Also, makes me want to get more serious about photography.  Perhaps I can start in California in April:

UESHIMA COFFEE CO. plans to take on Starbucks in the US setting up 100 siphon bars and selling thousands and thousands of Hario siphons.

First one in Richmond BC:

UCC website:

Here’s a glimpse including video of UCC in Japan via cleanhotdry:


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