‘Crema is rubbish’ by James Hoffmann

With the lead up to the Tour de France, I must say I have been less up on coffee blogs until I saw this evolving on Twitter tonight.  (Although I was interested to see the ExtractMojo: Science vs. Taste article recently on jimseven, but never linked it).

Inspired by the Coffee Collective, James has published his first video blog on his latest thoughts about crema and is now suggesting we scoop it off (like scooping the bloom of the presspot) and then stirring the remaining coffee.  Says it produces a more balanced, sweeter cup of espresso.


Interesting video indeed…  (Especially watch his facial expressions drinking or tasting crema).

Of course, Hoffmann’s temptation for stirring with it’s more balanced flavor, reminds me of the local debate between pulling directly into the cup vs. a shot glass.  Personally, I have always preferred the visual appearance of the ‘perfect’ crema, along with the changing tastes throughout the cup, as opposed to the balanced flavor at the expense of losing some of the crema in the shot glass.  Perhaps, Zane and Geoff want to explore this more in YHZ.  I’m sure this will heat up on the internet over the next day or so (like the Chemex is rubbish thing), as Mark Prince has weighed in on Coffeegeek. Next, it may get legs on coffeed.com. Where are Scott and Anth to chime in on the debate ?


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