April 23 — SOR

Big cherry bomb with chocolate syrup on the end. Love Epic.  Depending upon roast date, season, particular day, and the barista there is always a bit of variation that never seems to disappoint.

Although tempted to get another espresso (not spro) I get the Ethiopia WondoWorks French press.  This has nothing to do with Aaron’s piece on cleanhotdry.com about espresso taking a back seat to milk drinks or presspot. AS often I have had an espresso (not spro Robert ;)) that was so good I decided to order another straight espresso rather than a macchiato or individually brewed coffee.  It’s just that Zane suggests I really try the Wondo Works, after I shared with him some of my Square Mile Bolivia April Subscription, which I described as just a really nice cup of coffee that you could drink regularly… Nothing overbearing in your face.

Wondo Works: Nice acidity. Fruity but nothing sticks out. Pleasant acidity. Another one of those chuggable cups of coffee (to quote Square Mile).

Of course, this post reminds me that I need to get to Java Blend as I know there are a number of new interesting coffees to try out.


4 thoughts on “April 23 — SOR

  1. Don’t know how these single origins and COE will lend themselves to espresso. But, maybe you bought that rusty vacpot in Budapest ?

  2. Are you a big fan of Java Blend?
    Me and Swe are considering opening a cafe on the East coast when we having enough savings together (still a few years away) and are researching into what we might use as a base coffee. Might be nice to have an east coast roaster.
    I think I tried Java Blend at Cafe Gamba in Montreal.

  3. Hey Matt,

    I think I read on your blog about your thoughts about moving eastward… Where in the East would you consider moving ? Definitely you may want to visit first (definitely in the summer or fall… Not spring or winter) to decide whether this move is right for you and Swe. Hopefully, you will decide to stay longer in the city compared to some others. Also, if you are considering Halifax you can survey the cafe/coffee scene to see whether there is a need for another ‘third wave’ cafe. I would like to think we could support at least one more cafe in this city !

    As there are a few roasters in Atlantic Canada, I’m not sure if Java Blend was at Gamba. It is interesting to think that they were possibly featured at Gamba. I am a fan of Jim Dikaios and Java Blend. Although, because of their limited hours and location I don’t get to the shop as often I would like. Jim brings in some real interesting coffees, including many COE. He has brought in a number of similar coffees to 49th, including the Guatemala Miralvalle and Ethiopia Wonda Works. Jim supplies coffee to many of the cafes and restaurants in the city and produces a special espresso blend for the Smiling Goat in addition to his proprietary blend. Smiling Goat features mainly Java Blend coffee for their espresso and Clover selections, in addition to 1-2 Intelligentsia coffees more recently. This family run business has been in operation in Halifax for some 70 years. It is great to think that we have such a good local roaster, which nicely complements the selection from 49th Parallel and Intelligentsia that has been available in this city over the last year or so. I’m sure contacting Jim @ java blend may allow to get some coffees to try.


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