Single-origin espresso — Hoffmann vs. Prince

James Hoffmann of Square Mile has another excellent post, this time on his current thoughts on single-origin espressos.  This is after USBC 2009, where Mike Phillips and others used ‘unblended’ espresso i.e. single-origin coffee for their espresso.  His positive experience is contrasted to Mark Prince ( who has still has not found a good S-O espresso shot:

It’s interesting that James was so wowed by the Intelli La Miravilla used by Ryan and Nick at USBC 09.  My understanding is that Geoff may have ordered this for sale at Smiling Goat.  I don’t know if he has it yet.  Meanwhile, I wish Zane would order some of Mike Phillips Boliva S-O unblended espresso for a guest appearance at SOR.  Even a single bag would great !


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