trendspotting — ‘spro is so 2008, individual french press is back IN for ’09…

like me, my friend in Ottawa always goes right to the Globe and Mail Style section every Saturday…


yet, she doesn’t read it to see what is IN, as she usually predicts these things 6-12 months before the Globe…  She knows, if you have to wait for the Globe, your are behind the fashion curve

Yet, with the immediacy of the internet, perhaps trends can be spotted quicker than the written press…

So for 2009, forget the eschewed espresso technology: PID’s or 0.6mm gicleurs… ideal ‘spro is SO 2008, now we all want good, old-fashioned, individual french press service for 2009…

perhaps it was first Anth noting the dearth of brewed coffee options on his recent return to Vancouver (other than Clovers)…  where was the French Press option ? why were there only Clovers and Synesso’s ?   No vacpots ?

of course, this is from the owner/barista of Cafe Myriade, who since October has been offering many alternatives (french press, siphon, pour-over, eva solo) to ‘spro and quite successfully I would say !  In fact, another friend of mine is now enjoying DECAF coffee 😦 5-ways @ Myriade this week.

then, suddenly Vancouver responds back with a french press T-shirt designed by George of Cafe Crema… (I would like to get one to add to my coffee apparel, but want short-sleeves)… the line drawing of the FP, looks a bit like those of Myriade on their menu and signage, but DIFFERENT…  very nice indeed.

and then today, Cafe Crema announces individual french press service… “out with the new, in with the old”…  Also a great sign…  Would be nice to have a t-shirt like that too…

Speaking of coffee apparel,  I guess I’m not the only person who would love a siphon-Cafe Myriade t-shirt, based on their chalk-board menu…

Of course, here in little Halifax, we have had the individual french press service available at steves for a few weeks now… And many of us our enjoying it, but some of us are ready to leave Ethiopia and concentrate on the Americas…  I hear next week’s shipment from 49th should make the selection even more interesting on the menu…  Me, I’m still enjoying the Costa Rica Herbazu right now…  Today, I woke up craving apples…

So, with my 3-cup Bodum, my upcoming Square Mile 6 month subscription (along with my Hario siphon), I’m resolved that I don’t need a home espresso machine…  All I need now is one of fancy stainless presspots like Robert and Square Mile…  I better buy a Chemex before the Globe announces they are HOT, again…

Of course, today’s two shots of Epic, make me realize how great coffee options are…  I’m not ready to give up on espresso or the promise of the PID/gicleurs…  I’ll just forget the apples for now…

Then, of course the future will bring super-options at the Super-Intelligentsia cafe in Venice, CA…  Don’t know when I will be out near LA…  Just as well, it would too tough to pick which coffee you want… Luckily the coffee concierge is there to help guide you through the many options…

Meanwhile, I guess we can next discuss French Press technique…  seems there are many interesting approaches out there…


13 thoughts on “trendspotting — ‘spro is so 2008, individual french press is back IN for ’09…

  1. So, since I have been using an 8-cup hand-blown Chemex for over a year now, I must be waaay ahead of the curve.

    I forgot to bring my travel kit home from the office, so my make-up kit for my trip to TO today will be a 2-cup glass bodum presspot, Jim’s Fog City Beans, and a hand grinder.

    However, since I will have wheels, I will be trying out Mercury, Bulldog, and Manic, with a side-trip to Green Beanery for Yama filters and an i-Roast-2

  2. bob,

    you are waay ahead…

    don’t think you need your coffee kit in toronto anymore ! I would definitely hit Mercury, Dark Horse on Queen E and Manic…

    where did you buy your Chemex ?

  3. Chemex
    69 S Church St
    Pittsfield, MA, United StatesCall +1 (413) 499-2370

    I was at a conference in the berkshires and found their ‘head office ‘ in a run-down warehouse in Pittsfield.

    hand-blown version made in germany is much heavier than the machine made version

    I prefer the square filters

  4. I have never seen Chemex sold in Canada. I have ordered filter on the US Amazon, but the brewer shows as not deliverable to my address.

    I might have seen the larger units at Williams-Sonoma stores, and there is one in Toronto that I could check this week, but the probably would not have the small unit.

    Have you considered the Bodum Kona – similar design but with a gold filter – sold at JustUs on SGR.


  5. Right on all counts. Ultimate geek/MOMA factor, very heavy mystiical paper that you can buy unfolded for the small unit. I guess that is why I bought mine.

    It wouldn’t hurt to have a Bodum Kona and a Chemex.

  6. BTW, I sent my first reply from YHZ at 13:20 and it is now 17:20 and my flight departure is further delayed until at least 20:30

  7. For Sale: 2008 Brewtus 2, barely used. Will trade for any ’09 model low-tech, glass-and-filter coffee contraption…

  8. Wise move on fbohac’s part, sell out before the market for prosumer espresso machines crashes, with everyone moving to presspot, siphons and pour-overs.

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