Educating the customer in Halifax…

I have already alluded to the wonderful series of postings by James Hoffman (of Square Mile Coffee in the UK)…  This weekend he continues his series with his musings on educating the customer…  Again a great read… (OF NOTE, the comment by Lawrence is not ME, but another Lawrence)

Today, Robert Csar who has been working part-time at Java Blend and Steve’s (definitely a great addition to the city !!), wrote a wonderful post about how one can successfully try to educate your customers, as he witnessed Zane try to educate an intermittent customer of S-o-R that the new coffee (49th Parallel Epic) is truly better than their old house blend (I can’t remember that stuff anymore !).  As I was in line this afternoon when the interaction happened, I found it instructive as to how it was dealt with, especially after reading Jame’s post…

  Whether Zane was successful with his efforts this afternoon, only time will tell.  I just hope they don’t bring back the old coffee to make these diehards happy…  With the new coffee and new baristas, the winter is looking up for this city (coffeewise).  I need to spend some more time at Java Blend as well, with all the new staff working there now.


3 thoughts on “Educating the customer in Halifax…

  1. In terms of coffee, the winter might well be looking up for this city, but this likely also means that my bank account will be looking down. At the rate I’m currently spending on fantastic ‘spro and beans for home, I might be making an involuntary exit from the Halifax coffee culture before the winter is through. Ah, the travails of an addict…

    On a somewhat related note, have you noticed that the Epic has been running differently over the past five or six days? Perhaps this is just coincidental, but most of the shots that I’ve had over this time have been much richer, with the acidity much more subtle and pushed to the end of the cup. The crema has been much darker, too, though I can’t claim ‘overextraction’ since the flavours don’t indicate this. Not a bad thing–just quite a different mouthful.

    I tried to question Zane about this and came away more confused; I’m afraid I might’ve hurt his feelings.

    – Ken

  2. today’s shot was that typical syrupy Epic… beautiful mouthfeel and body…

    caramel on the aroma… bit of brightness, but mainly brown sugar and chocolate, with still a bit of brightness

    do you want to go back to the old stuff ?

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