check out this blog if you can’t sleep…

I discovered this great series of blogs from James Hoffmann of Square Mile Roasters in UK  (via Anth on

A great read for baristas, cafe owners, and customers, especially in the current economy.

Also, an interesting variation on the french press technique (with video) which I hope to try:


3 thoughts on “check out this blog if you can’t sleep…

  1. I have read about the no-stir technique (at least in the first two minutes).

    What bothers me is the use of metal spoons to both break and clean – it seems that the use of metal will excessively cool the coffee, which is already a problem if using a non-insulated presspot.

    Quite different from the Eva Solo Cafesolo which recommends a vigourous stir as in this video:

  2. Minor correction here… that would be James Hoffmann’s blog.

    Regardless, great coverage of the Halifax scene! I know a whole bunch of folks down there now, so it’s good to see what’s happening out on the other coast.

  3. Thanks for the compliments and for pointing out my error…

    Now corrected.

    When can we expect you to move to Halifax ??

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