November 15 — Day 2 in YUL; Cafe Myriade

Yesterday, I had investigator meetings and plenary sessions all afternoon and until 9pm last night as part of the rosuvastatin (Crestor) investigator meeting in Montreal !  Then I had a late dinner @ Le local last night which was great.  I had a wonderful Spanish wine from Ribera del Duero, the Telmo Rodriguez M2 to go with the slowly braised beef on parsnip puree.   maybe some Crestor would have been helpful for dessert.  After the Pesquera I had in New Orleans at Bayona, I have been obsessed with learning more about Ribera Spanish wines.

As I have more sessions today until the afternoon free time period, I figure I need some espresso this am, so I quickly rush back to Myriade, instead of going to the breakfast at the meeting.  Great Epic macc pulled by Scott Rao. 


Coincidently, I just ordered Scott’s book, the Professional Barista’s Handbook in preparation for our non-barista competition next weekend at Zane’s.  I figured this would give me a competitive advantage going into the contest.  This judged competition will be between Ken, Robin and myself.  While Robin has some Second Cup experience, Ken and I are completely naive.  The idea is that we will each get 1 hour of training.  Zane from Steve-o-reno’s will re-train Robin, Jim of Java Blend will train Ken, and Geoff of Smiling Goat will train me for 1 hour before the competition.  So, I will get an hour of training on Geoff’s Aurelia.  Then, we will have an 1/2 hour to work on Steve’s spare machine in Zane’s basement before the competition of making four ‘spros and 4 capps, with a latte art comp as well.  I forget all of the judges, but I know one is Andy Murdoch (Food Editor of Coast), who was busy with damage control after Liz’s Krups Kup of Excellence review in the Coast.

Even though I ordered Scott Rao’s book before I left for New Orleans, it was on backorder @ 49thParallel and I’m still waiting for it to be shipped.  Too bad, I didn’t wait to buy here in Montreal at the cafe !   But even better I had some personal lessons by Scott this morning at Cafe Myriade after I had my macc.  He talked me through pulling my first shot on a commercial machine (Mirage) and then he guided my hand in pouring the steamed milk for my first rosetta. He gave me my first lesson on tamping.  I won’t share these secrets with Ken !!!   I’m sure it won’t be that easy when I’m on my own next weekend.  Even though I am expert at opening blocked arteries in the heart with balloons and stents, pulling 4 shots and making 4 capps may be a real challenge.  (Sort of like my difficulty of changing a bike tire in a hurry, as some of you know)

Another great thing about Myriade, is that company stores for Arcteryx and Icebreaker are just around the corner on Saint Catherine.  Good thing I don’t live in Montreal, as I would spend too much of my disposable income in those two stores !



Now I am sitting listening to why we should put Crestor in the water supply or coffee.

5 thoughts on “November 15 — Day 2 in YUL; Cafe Myriade

  1. All right, Lawrence, you’ve raised the bar–I’m spending the next 48 hours on in hopes of reaching the same pre-training training standards that you’ve achieved.

    – Ken

    P.S.: That macc looks gorgeous!

  2. OK, this is getting thing is getting serious. The prize must be significant !!!

    I might forgo heading to a bike store this afternoon and start watching archived videos from the CNBC to pick up some pointers from sammy and others. Alternatively, maybe I should pick up some competition beans before I leave Montreal. 😉

  3. Hey L! When I work in Montreal, I am about 10 minutes form there, and everyday I walked in front of these stores…
    Very hard to resist indeed! Especially with the Apple store a few corners away…

    Happy shopping! 🙂

  4. hi MC

    sorry I missed u last week at the CCSNS meeting.

    From what I hear u may be permanently heading out to van. I’m jealous. Another big loss to NS.

    Instead of more arcteryx or icebreaker stuff I’m going to go look at wilier bikes this afternoon

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