November 15 — Last visit to Myriade

After bike shopping I need to go back to Myriade to buy my Hario vacpot to take home.  Figure I will have another siphon coffee (I try the 49th GUATEMALA ORIENTE TZAMPETEY for something different)  to help learn how to do brew at home, along with a Montreal bagel as a late lunch to hold me until dinner tonight @ Le Club Chasse et Peche with friends.  Then, I get my second great personal lesson of the day on how to start off with the vacpot from Scott. I wrote everything down, back at the hotel so we will see how it goes… assuming it makes it way home safely on the plane tomorrow.

It was great to visit this shop and I was real happy to see it busy and hopping this afternoon in the rain.  The siphon demonstrated lots of interest, which is great.  I wish Anth and Scott all the success, and I am sure they will be successful.  




One thought on “November 15 — Last visit to Myriade

  1. Yes, they will be successful. We’re all convinced.

    Do Nova Scotia and Quebec have agreements about bringing siphon and espresso training from YUL to YHZ? 😉

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